Single-strand DNA breaks cause replisome disassembly

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The DNA replication fork suppresses CMG unloading from chromatin before termination

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* – these authors contributed equally.
[@] – corresponding authors

TRAIP Is a Master Regulator of DNA Interstrand Crosslink Repair

Wu R.A., Semlow D.R., Kamimae-Lanning A.N., Kochenova O.V., Chistol G. , Hodskinson M.R., Amunugama R., Sparks J.L., Wang M., Deng L., Mimoso C.A., Low E., Patel K.J., Walter J.C. Nature. 567(7747):267-72 (2019).

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The CMG Helicase Bypasses DNA-Protein Cross-Links to Facilitate Their Repair

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[Preview] Molecular Watchdogs on Genome Patrol

Chistol G. & Walter J.C. eLife 3, e02854 (2014). [PDF]

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A Viral Packaging Motor Varies Its DNA Rotation and Step Size to Preserve Subunit Coordination as the Capsid Fills

Liu S.*, Chistol G.*, Hetherington C.L.*, Tafoya S., Aathavan K., Schnitzbauer J., Grimes S., Jardine P.J., & Bustamante C. Cell 157, 702–13 (2014). [PDF]

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High Degree of Coordination and Division of Labor Among Subunits in a Homomeric Ring ATPase

Chistol G.*, Liu S.*, Hetherington C.L., Moffitt J.R., Grimes S., Jardine P.J., & Bustamante C. Cell 151, 1017–28 (2012). [PDF]

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ClpX(P) Generates Mechanical Force to Unfold and Translocate Its Protein Substrates

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