Our Replication Initiation Manuscript Is Accepted at Cell :)

May 13, 2024

Our manuscript titled “Single-Molecule Imaging Reveals the Mechanism of Bidirectional Replication Initiation in Metazoa” was officially accepted for publication in Cell. The project started in the summer of 2020 (that first glorious COVID summer) when Scott started imaging how GINS is recruited to replication origins. He later did the same for Cdc45. In 2021 Riki joined the project and focused on imaging firing factors (TopBP1, RecQL4, and finally DONSON). It took a while to explore various hypotheses, sort out various technical difficulties, develop new assays, and develop new tools for analyzing the data. We submitted the paper in November 2023, and after a somewhat bumpy review process, the paper was accepted on 13th of May 2024 🙂

2024-May Champaigne for Cell Paper